Well, what I thought was the obvious route isn't..

Why must they route me through DC every damn time?!?! Pretty sure the East side of the city isn't any better than the west was. But I have to go that way now as they have my fuel stop at a Pilot in Richmond, VA.. They basically have me taking back roads through DE and MD going through Annapolis.

The load assignment says 1 piece at 40Klbs.. Dupont Chemicals.. But in the Comment/Special Instructions it says live load machinery. No Tarp, and must scale across the road from shipper. So, it will be interesting to see what I am haulin.

I got excited when I got the directions because where I am delivering too it said open for weekend delivery.. I hit the down button one more time to read… Flatbed loads only unloaded M-F 0800-1600.

It's a good thing I don't have an endless amount of money as my ass would be stopping in Darlington, SC for the race Saturday night. I will drive right past it. 😦

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