Chillin in PA

I believe the last time I wrote, I was heading to Roxboro, NC to pick up a load of lumber.

It sure is a good thing I don't have issues navigating. The Qualcomm directions were wrong, yet again. However, when I called the place, I was about a half mile away. Call it luck, or call it skill, either way my ass was there on time.

I don't have a CB yet so I had to go to the scale house and check in. The dude was pretty much an ass, but whatever. So he told me what to do. Well, I get turned around and ready to back in to get loaded and the guy tells me that I have to go back to the scale house because the dude didn't get my empty weight. Apparently he was picking his nose for the 15 min I was sitting on the scale.

So I eventually get loaded, tarp the load, and than throw my 8 straps. I had 14 lifts of OSB. They loaded me in a 4-3-3-4 layout. If I do this load again, I will have them spread it out as it's a bitch to tarp that way. But hey, ya learn from your mistakes right?

I get my paperwork and head back to the scale house. I weighed in at 78K lbs. Good thing I only had half a tank of fuel as I hit every damn weigh station between NC and PA. Apparently our pre-pass doesn't work in those states, or they turned it off as every truck was going in.

Anyway, I am headed for PA and guess when my dumb ass hits DC?? You guessed it, 5 o'clock. So, needless to say, I was illegal by the time I got to my fuel stop. However, I knew I would be good since it took me so long to get through DC. Basically I arrived in Harrisburg, PA at 2000, but my log book says I got there at 1900 (which is when my 14 was up).

I woke up at 0500, did my pre-trip, fueled, and was on 81N at 0600. PA is a beautiful state, but it really friggin sucks when the fog is so thick you can't see a truck length in front of you. Plus I am not a fan of being that heavy and going up and down all the mts. Good thing there weren't any weigh stations open this morning because now that I think about it, I was probably overweight will full tanks. Matter of fact, I know I was. Oh well, dodged another bullet.

I get to Carbondale and call Holt Lumber to make sure my directions were correct. There are all kinds of signs on US-6 telling truckers what roads they can and can't use, so I wanted to make sure I was good.

Now Carbondale has to be as old as the 13 colonies. The streets in that town are barely wide enough for two cars. Needless to say, my skills were put to the test. But I was trained well, didn't freak out and took my time. Had to block traffic a couple of times as people wouldn't back up to let me turn, but sometimes ya just have to do that. The lumber company was just off of main street and even getting into there was a challenge.

Once unloaded I headed back to the Pilot in Scranton, and that's where I am now. Just before my DM left for the night she said they would get me rollin in the am. I am ok with that too as I only had 29 hrs available when I started this morning. I am supposed to be home the 9th and 10th. It's a two day trip back, which means I wouldn't make it without stopping somewhere and taking a 34hr restart. So, I am hoping they have me head to the house n pick something up along the way. The main thing is I keep my DM flooded with info and I know they are working it.

Sitting here was good though. I got a 3hr nap in, and re-rolled my lumber tarps. I didn't like how I did it this morning and my OCD kicked in after my nap. For those that know me, I am pretty anal when it comes to having shit put away neatly and orderly. Plus, I know I form opinions about drivers when I notice there gear just tossed any ol place. It's laziness the way I see it, and if they are lazy putting their gear away, whose to say they aren't lazy when they secure it.

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