What a ride…

I left Laredo the morning of the 2nd with a load of frame rails for Freightliner. Everything went perfect until last night when I pulled into a Pilot for the night.

This has to the most poorly designed truck stop I have seen. There is one way in and one way out. You are actually supposed to go through the fuel isle to park, but nothing tells you that.

Well, I look for a spot and there is nothing and than realize I can't get out. There is enough room for me to turn around though, so I button-hook to the right and start left. I was doing good until I hear this loud ass pop. I look out the window and everyone has stopped what they were doing and starred at me. SONOFABITCH!!! I finish my turn and discovered a tire blew on my first axle of the trailer. For those that haven't heard a truck tire blow, have someone stand next to you and fire off a shotgun.. That's pretty much it.

What still confuses me is it was the inside tire, but on the outside of the turn, so there wasn't hardly any stress on it. Plus I know on a spread axle, you can't just u-turn that baby, you have to almost make a square turn.

So I send in the breakdown macro on the qualcomm and get a call about 15 min later telling me they are sending a guy out to fix it. The good news is while I was waiting, a truck had left and I was able to get out of everyones way.

The tire gets fixed and I roll out for Gaffney, SC this morning to make my delivery. Once I dropped the trailer and stowed all my gear I asked if I should get an empty trailer or not. I was told not to get one and to just hold my position.

Perfect opportunitu for a NAP!!! 2hrs later I get a pre-plan to pick up in Mocksville, NC. However, the next message said call my DM about a trailer. Before I could call, they send me a message that I am to bob tail to Salisbury, NC and get a trailer from another driver.

I hit the road and get here in about an hour and 45 min. Guess what??? This trailer has two blown air bags and the mechanic had to go to Charlotte to get new ones.

I was supposed to load an hour and a half ago, but the place is open till 1900 EST. Hopefully the mechanic gets his ass back here, so I can get loaded n rollin north before I run out of hrs.

I am delivering in Grand Ledge, MI at Lowe's #1431. My plan says 44,800lbs of cabinets. Kinda odd as when I worked at Lowe's all of our cabinets came in a box trailer.

Anywho, so here I sit waiting on the mechanic to get back.

Oh, this just game across the qualcomm:

Ty D. Everson
Thank you for your efforts to lower engine idle time. During the past week you were one of our drivers with the lowest engine idle time. We appreciate your efforts to help Swift be Best in Class!

That's really cool, but they could toss some extra coin my way for saving them money in fuel cost. Know what I mean? LOL

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