I delivered the load I picked up at the Memphis terminal in Oklahoma City on time, but there was an issue. They wouldn't unload me because they weren't expecting it and the paperwork didn't have a return authorization on it. Two hrs later, everything was worked out. No thanks to my DM. She eventually got what I needed, but it was some serious ass pain.

I send in my empty call and immediately get a pre-plan to pick-up in Mineral Wells, TX. 4 hrs from OK City. The Qualcomm says I have till 1900 to pick up, but I wanted to verify so I called the shipper. Well the phone number I was sent in the load assignment was wrong. Thanks again to my BlackBerry for saving the day as I got the correct number. The shipper tells me they stop loading at 1700. Damn good thing I called.

Well I let my DM know the number is wrong in the Qualcomm as well as the pick-up time. She replies back asking why I am calling the shipper. Can you believe that shit? So I replied back with; As a driver, I am not allowed to call and verify appt times? I was making sure the information was correct and I am glad I did. So she replies back saying I have till 1900. I fired one back saying well the lady I just spoke with said they stop loading at 1700. Her reply to that was that I will make it in time.

Next time I am just going to go with what the Qualcomm says, show up, submit my arrival call and get paid detention pay until the place opens. 😉

Anyway I get to the shipper at 1630 and get loaded. It was 16 bundles of plastic conduit that had AT&T written on it. I didn't have the hrs to make it to Brownwood where I was delivering so I went back to the Pilot for the night. I had a free shower on my card so I took advantage of that as well.

I rolled into my final destination at about 0900 this morning. As luck would have it, I got a non English speaking dude. To top it off, I think it was his first day driving a fork lift. When I got loaded it took the guy 30 min and that was with him stopping to allow me to throw my belly straps over. Well, I was finally unloaded at 1130. Talk about annoying…

There isn't anywhere in Brownwood to park a truck so I went back to Cisco to take a nap.

When I woke up I asked my DM if I could go 19 miles down the road to the Love's as I was just in a parking lot. She asked why and before I could respond, sent another message telling me to go ahead. Once there I was not to move until the planners gave me something.

I no more than get there and get my BOL from the last trip scanned so I can get paid when I get a message to dead head to Laredo, TX. I asked for a fuel route as I didn't have enough to make it there and guess where I was to fuel at? I'll be damned if it wasn't at the Love's I was at.. The route to Laredo was all jacked up too. They wanted me to go all the way back to 183 S going through Brownwood and all of these other back roads into San Antonio to catch 35S. Screw that!

Again, since I am new I asked if I could just take 20E to Ft Worth and catch 35S there. It would be quicker, plus I only had 2 hrs left before I had to park for the night. She friggin replied with; Fine just make it to Laredo..

Ohhhh I was hot!! But I didn't reply or anything.

So, I will just do my own thing and only talk to her when I absolutely have to. As long as I am legal, safe, don't miss appointments, and the shit gets there on time there is nothing she can do to me.

Anywho, I made it to Hillsboro, TX and stopped at Love's for the night. My 10hr break is up at 0545, so I will be rollin at 0600 and should be in Laredo by noon or so. Hopefully they have something waiting on me there so I can just hook up and head back out.

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