Had to fudge already

So I should have been at the Memphis terminal around 0200. Well, I was in Memphis at that time, but they gave me the wrong directions to the terminal, so when I finally got here it was about 0400. That put me two hours over my legal time.

Ahhhh, let the fudging begin. Instead of doing my arrival call, which sends the date and time, I just parked and closed out my log. So according to the paper I was in Memphis at 0200. 🙂 Which technically is true. LOL

When I woke up this morning I found where they wanted me to put my gear I am leaving for the other driver. Reconfigured my gear and took a shower.

My plan was to outta here by 1400, but when I hooked up to the trailer, the passenger side turn signal was out. Should have been a five minute fix, but it was more than the bulb. Lucky me!! So, here I sit waiting on them to fix it. Waited an hour in line and it seems like I will be lucky to be rollin by 5.

I only have 466 miles to go though and my delivery time was changed to 4/28 between 0800 and noon. The cool thing is there is a truck stop right around the corner from where I have to deliver.

That's about it for now. Don't really feel like getting into how rude people are at this terminal or how they just piss me off. I really hope I never have to come to this terminal again. And here I thought Gary was bad.. LOL. At least people don't treat you like shit there.

Ok, enough bitching and complaining. Really need more dew and nicotine.

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