Ready for first load

Totally forgot about writing yesterday, so let me catch ya up.

Yesterday was pretty much sitting and waiting to get my truck cleaned out. There was some miscommunication between the shop and Ed. That did give me time to get my permit book updated though, so I am all legal now as far as paperwork is concerned.

Once my truck got cleaned out Ed put 50 bucks on my COMDATA card to go get it washed. I got the works done for $51.45. I must say it came out lookin sweet, but still has plenty of work to be up to my standards.

When I got back to the terminal, I had two other flatbedders come ask me where the hell I took it because they wanted theirs to look that good. LOL. So I told them and first thing this morning they were talking to Ed and rollin out. Ahhhh I love it!!! Always good to have some friendly competition to keep ya on your toes. The company will pay for a wash every 45 days, so that is when I will get the works done. All the other weeks I will just get the basic to keep things fresh.

Now for today. I got all my gear issued at 0530. Don hooked me up too. He gave me all new shit, except for tarps. Needless to say everyone in envious. LOL. It no shit took me till damn near 1100 to get it all squared away and the way I wanted it. The pain in the ass was the coil racks and the tarps. I have two lumber tarps that are about 85lbs and two steel tarps that are about 45lbs. Well the headache rack on this truck doesn't have a box on the top so I have to put them on the catwalk. No big deal, but there is no place on the back of the headache rack to hook a strap to. So it was like a big ass game of Tetris and as you can imagine there was plenty of cussing and throwing shit! Oh and it gets better.

I get ready to go scale it. I hooked up to one of the step-decks as they are the heaviest trailer we have. Guess what? Remember those tarps on the catwalk? Yeah, I noticed that if I kept them there I would lose them on the first turn because the trailer would hit them. So…. Another hour of cussing and throwing shit, and I got them moved enough so the trailer will clear.

I scaled out at 12,160 on the steers, 11,680 on the drives, and 10,520 on the trailer. That put me at 34,360. Only one problem.. 12,000 is the max you can have on the steers and it is a dollar a pound if caught. Now, that is with a half a tank of fuel, so I know that number is gonna go up once full as that is another 1,100lbs.

I came back to the terminal and did some calculations. I am figuring 500lbs for personal crap I don't have on the truck yet, as well as another 140 gallons of fuel (my tanks are 140 on each side) which at 8lbs a gallon comes out to 1120lbs. Add those two figures to the 34,360 and I am at 35,980, but let's just call it 36K.

What about the steers you ask? Well, I had to slide the fifth wheel back a few notches. Since I have a longer wheel base, I had plenty of room. Not sure what my weight on the steers is now, but rough calculations tell me I am under. Each notch you move the fifth wheel back takes roughly 200lbs off the front. I moved it back 5 notches. She sits just behind. The center point between the drive axles. I will keep it there till I get my first load and see what the numbers say than.

Well that was my day. I have been out in the friggin wind all day and feel like I was back in the desert. So I will be showering shortly and doing a load of laundry.

I set my PTA for 0700 Sunday morning as I started my 34hr restart at 1500 today. So tomorrow I am going to clean the windows, armor all the inside, and work on the chrome surround over the stacks. I will probably work on the wheels too. One of the guys that got his washed today used some never dull on his when he got back. His are sparkling and I just can't have that. He said he would let me use some if I wanted so I am taking him up on it.

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