Always go with your gut

The day started out perfectly and progressively got worse. The perfect part was waking up next to Angie and her taking me to the terminal. We started testing at 9 and I missed 1 one my first test.

At this point I am feeling good and the instructor tells me to go outside and secure the coil in the training area. He told me I had an hour and I just looked at him. He than said that if I can't do it in an hour I don't need to be in the flat bed division. So, that for some reason messed with my head and the nerves started taking over. I got the coil secured but started second guessing myself instead of going with my gut.

Needless to say when he came out to check it he wasn't happy. He said I was killin him. I did however explain to him everything I did wrong. When all was said and done he said he would let me do it again tomorrow, but that was between him and I. He said he wasn't overly concerned about my mistakes because they weren't major and he could tell I have the concept down.

So at this point my confidence isn't that high and I go back inside. He hands me the second test which consists of 10 pictures and I have to draw the securement. I missed 3 on that test, but he requires a 100%. When he handed the test back I was confused as to what I did wrong, but it thankfully made sense when we went over it.

Than comes the third test. I missed 7 and could only miss 4. If I would have just used my head a little more I would have only missed 3. I was really pissed at myself after that test as they were really stupid errors. I mean to the point where I called myself a dumb ass, which caused the other guys and instructor to bust out laughing.

So, I pretty much failed two tests and have to take them over tomorrow. Looking back I am pretty damn proud though. I was the only one out of 8 that only has to take 2 tests and got the highest grades. Everyone else has to re take all 3.

Two other guys have already come to the room to ask questions because they wanted to learn from the smart guy. Hey, that's their words, not mine.
I took the time to go over everything they had problems with, and picked up a few things as well. One of the guys is coming back after he gets a bite to eat to go over more stuff.

All-in-all I guess it really wasn't a bad day. I just beat myself up because I have such high expectations of myself. Don't know why, I just do and always have. However in the big scheme of things all that really matters is that I get passed tomorrow and get my own truck. Having perfect scores won't make me anymore money than just passing, so I really just need to keep that in perspective.

Oh, one thing did happen today that I am not sure what it means. I had to go see Jerrie this morning to sign my released to solo form. I am guessing that is a good thing, but haven't been assigned a truck yet. That is the part that is confusing. Bottom line is I haven't be told anything officially yet, so in my mind I am still a student. 🙂

The moral of all this is just like the title says… Always follow your gut… If I had, I wouldn't be re taking anything tomorrow. But shit happens and the main thing is I know what I messed up on and get another chance.

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