2 days till SOLO!!!!

We left about 9 Saturday evening and made it to Grove City around 0400 Sunday. As we were looking for an empty trailer to take back, we got a pre-plan headed to the rail yard here. The only problem was it couldn't be picked up till this morning.

Donald knew Angie was in Miamisburg Ohio, so he said head back west on 70 and stop at exit 79 at the TA… He had an idea….

We get there and he proceeds to tell me to call Angie and ask how long it will take her to get there, so I did. His plan was to have her come pick me up and head back to Gary while he picked up and delivered the load.

While Angie was on her way, I gathered all my stuff and packed it all up as that would be my last time on Donald's truck. When Angie arrived, she was starving of course so she invited Donald to come eat with us. Of course it somehow became a Ty bashing fest between the two of them, but it was a blast anyway.

The phone rang this am just as I was getting in the shower. Donald was at the terminal and wanted me to meet him there at 1030 to finalize my log book and get things started.

The SIM class was nothing more than 3 CBT tests. Two on adverse weather driving and the other on fuel management. I didn't actually get on the simulator this time. I guess that is in a couple of months from what I gathered. After that I was shuffled into another room to watch some videos on speeding, tailgating, turning properly, and backing.

Once that was completed I headed out for my road test. The guy explained how it was going to go and pretty much said as long as I don't hit anything I will pass. There was a van hooked up to the tractor and he asked if I was comfortable with that or wanted to hook up to the flat bed with the spread axle. I said the van was fine and I was comfortable with either.

So I set off on the road test and nail the first tight right hander perfectly. He said wow, that was damn good. I said thanks and he told me where to turn again and I nailed that one as well. He said, ok no need in wasting anymore time out here in traffic as I can see you are quite capable and we headed back to the terminal.

At the terminal he had me turn into the parking lot where the road training trucks are. I am really in my element there as that is where my road trainer had us practice. So I had to make a tight right hand turn, make a u-turn and than do a tight left hand turn. Once I did that he told me what spot to back into. Well, I screwed up my set-up, but tried anyway. I realized I wasn't going to get it, so pulled around to set-up better.

I had the set-up perfect this time and as I got out to look and check my clearance, he came over and said how awesome that was. I asked what and he said knowing that it wasn't going to work and instead of forcing the issue, to just go around and try again.

I put that damn van right in the spot perfectly! He looked over at me, held out his hand, and said damn fine job! Wooooohooooo!!!!

So now I have 2 days of Phase II tie-down, the final hurdle before going solo. I think I will do just fine on that as well. Probably won't ace everything, but as long as I pass and get released to solo, that's all that matters.

Off to bed for now though. 0500 wake-up tomorrow. Angie is going to take me to the terminal and head home. She called her supervisor last night and asked to extend her leave a day. I said she didn't need to do that, but she can be stubborn at times and it's just easier to let it be than fight her. I must say though, it was pretty awesome having her here today. Far better sharing the good news in person vs on the phone.

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