Murphy’s Law

That sonofabitch Murphy got me again. Angie called me this morning and asked how to get to the terminal. So she looked up the directions and said she was leaving work soon and headed up here. She was going to spend the night than head to Ohio to a wedding in the morning.

Well wouldn't ya know, as soon as she messages me and says she's on 57 N, we get a pre-plan. Sat here since Tuesday morning, make plans, and than we get a pre-plan.

As you can imagine, I am pissed at this point. To top it off, it wasn't even a flatbed load. We had to take an empty trailer to the SOLO Cup plant in University Park, IL and pick up one loaded with SOLO Cups for Wal-Mart. Took that to the Manteno, IL terminal to T-Call it and picked up another empty and headed to Elwood, IL to pick up another loaded trailer for Wal-Mart. This load is going to Grove City, OH and doesn't have to be there until the 19th before midnight. So, I am back in Gary under this load and we are going to leave tomorrow evening I guess for Grove City.

I felt like such a dumb ass on two occasions as well. See, I have a habit of checking the securement on the load anytime we stop. Well, I did that twice today but the only problem is we were pulling a box. I just had to stop, call myself a dumb ass, and laugh.

I did learn today that I hate pulling vans. I couldn't be a door slammer. I would much rather throw chains n straps than sweep out a trailer. But I guess that's why us flatbedders are a different breed.

As for Angie, well we came up with a work around. We will be back in Gary on Sunday sometime, so she is coming up here after leaving Ohio because she has Monday off as well. I have to be off the truck on the 19th, so Swift has to put me in a hotel. 🙂 It will be the contracted Best Western, and I will stay there till I get released to Solo Status.

So, she will leave sometime Monday and than I start my Phase II testing on Tuesday. 🙂

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