Still Sittin

Yup, still sittin in Gary waiting on a load. Looks like I will be sitting here till I go solo too. We could make it to SC and back before Tuesday morning, when my testing starts, but there isn't anything in the yard. I mean there is nothing but empty skateboards. Nadda damn thing.

I have used the time to my advantage though. I asked my DM yesterday if we didn't have a load by this morning if I could take the test they give. She said sure, so I took that around 0830 this morning. I got 45 out of 50 for a 90%. Not to shabby. Not entirely happy with it, but I passed. There were two that I got wrong, but proved I was right. However, they acted like they didn't care. I guess that test is used to see what I learned and if there is anything they need to concentrate on with the mentors.

After that I signed up for my log class to get that over with as well. I had one violation for questionable speed. As soon as I looked at what day it was I knew what I did. I actually knew I screwed up when I did it, but forgot to fix it before I scanned it. Basically what happened is that was a day where I drove past midnight, thus going into the next day. I stopped at 0130 and wrote down 512 miles for the previous day. However, 90 miles of that should have went on the next day. See, I drove 7.5 hrs that day so when you divide 512 by that it gives me an average speed of 68 mph, which is not good. But when you subtract the 90 miles it brings my average speed to 56 mph.

Anyway, the safety lady said that my record is excellent and I need to keep doing what I am doing to keep it that way. If we accumulate 25 points within a 12 month period, that flags us for a safety review. However, in today's economy it will pretty much result in termination. It's similar to getting points on your license, but way more easier to get points. Hell, I could get points if I accidentally cut someone off and they called Swift to report me. Granted, they listen to my side of the story, look at the GPS tracking, etc and than determine if the complaint is valid or not, but I still don't ever want to have to be in that situation.

Now I am just passing the time by watching T.V. And studying my flatbed tie down procedures book. I start my Phase II tie down class on Tuesday. That's two days I believe. Than I have a road test and SIM class before I am cleared hot for solo. I was really hoping to do the Phase II tie down tomorrow, but the guy that does it says he won't do just one person and I have to wait till Tuesday.

I probably won't be posting anything until after Tuesday unless something comes up, unless I just have a needless thought I need to get out. LOL

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One thought on “Still Sittin

  1. Hey TyIt is true that these thoughts are sometimes random but I can only imagine as you are in the wait, drive, test, wait drive, test mode constantly. Stay safe bro.Big J.

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