The final week

The load of A/C units were supposed to be delivered to a BMW dealership. However, Donald called them to let them know we would be there this morning and they stated we couldn't deliver early due to the crane appointment they had made. The delivery date is set for the 16th, so we came to Gary to t-call the load.

If we would have stayed under that load it would have fallen into the next pay period as Wed at midnight is the cut-off.

I went into the terminal to talk to Jerrie (she is our DM while we are students), to check in and give her an update. She told me that I need to be back here on the 21st at 0700 ready to start testing. If I am not here by than she is going to come find me. LOL

What does that mean? Well, if we don't get a load tomorrow, I will be stuck in Gary all weekend as my car is at the house. We are hoping that a run to South Carolina comes up as we can make it there and back easily. We could take a Laredo run, but that is taking a huge gamble as we may not get a load out of there to be back here in time.

Right now Donald is at the house checking on his wife and I am chillin in the truck watching T.V. I studied a little earlier but had an issue keeping my eyes open. I will continue looking things over later tonight though.

One other thing I want to report on is that I have decided to become an Owner/Operator. I talked with Donald for 4 hrs straight the other day about it and I would be a fool if I didn't do it. I will talk about this more in the coming months. I have to have at least 6 months solo before I can be an O/O. Even in today's economy all I need is a minimum of 1,000 miles a week to pay the truck note, insurance, maintenance account, and accountant. An O/O flatbedder makes 94 cents per mile plus fuel surcharge. As a company driver I start out at 27 cents a mile and after a 6 months will be up to 34 cents.
To put it bluntly our trip to Laredo was 1328 miles and that covered all of Donald's expenses plus he still put 800 bucks in his pocket. That means the trip back was all profit for him.

Now as a company driver starting out I would bring home 800 bucks before taxes. He brought home roughly 2,500 bucks before taxes on the same round trip. Keep in mind that is AFTER all of his expenses are taken care of. That is just for one week.

Anyway, I will continue to research during my solo time just to make sure I can do it. But everything I am seeing right now is that I can.

If someone would have told me I would be a business owner one day or even had the chance, I would have laughed. But the opportunity is here….

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