We were awakened by our phones this morning. Than the Qualcomm beeped. We were told to T-Call our load here and pick up a trailer with 4 A/C units on it. The final destination is Naperville, IL. However, we have to go to Tyler, TX first to pick up 6 more.

Right now we are waiting to get two tires replaced on the trailer. I am pretty excited about this load as we are back to pulling a 48 foot skateboard instead of those damn low riding step-decks.

I also ruined a pair of pants this morning. While I was taking all the securement off of the coil, Donald was rearranging things on his headache rack. Once I was done I was on the ground helping him put stuff back up. Well, unbenounced to me, there was a big ass glob of 5th wheel grease on the back of the front mud flap.

When I got done helping him, I noticed something all over the front of me.. Got that shit all over my t-shirt, belly, and front of my pants. This stuff doesn't ever come out either. I can wash my pants, but it will just be clean grease. Lol.

Oh well.. What I really need to do is just get a cheap pair of thin coveralls to put over my close when working on a load and that problem will be solved.

So, I guess I have rambled on long enough. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!! Mine is awesome so far as I don't have to sit in Laredo all day. As soon as the trailer is done, we are strapping the 4 A/C units down, heading to the Pilot for fuel and a shower, than off to Tyler!

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