I am #1

I headed back to Gary on the 8th and I was about an hour and a half away when I got a pre-plan text message. I called Donald and he said he was trying to get a hold of his DM to find out what it was since neither one of us were on the truck. He called me back and said we had to load at 0900 in Burns Harbor, IN and were headed to Laredo.

When I got to the truck I checked the Qualcomm for the trip number than went into the terminal to have Driver Services dispatch us. I had to do that since we didn't accept the pre-plan from the truck. Donald's DM just did it in the system.

Anyway, what normally happens if you accept it while on the truck is it sends the load assignment, directions to the shipper, directions to the destination, and fuel route. I had to have Driver Services dispatch us in order for all of that to be sent to the truck.

I rolled out of the terminal about 0800 on the 9th to get loaded. While I was driving Donald told me that he needed to have his 15K mile service done on the truck and since we can't deliver till Monday, there is no rush to get to Laredo.

So, he said once we got back to the terminal after getting loaded to take my car home and to meet him at the Pilot across from Gateway International Raceway.

Angie and the kids dropped me off about 1015 this morning and I was rollin by 1045.

We decided to take 55 S to Memphis, and than take 40 W over to 35 S.

Here's where I get to the title of this post. So I am driving on 40 W headed to Texarkana. I think we had just got out of Little Rock when I see flashing lights ahead. Well, in most states it's the law to move over. I check my mirrors and I have two idiots right beside me. I turn on the blinker and they got a clue and sped up. Well about a quarter mile back I see this other vehicle speed up. Kinda like there is no way in hell I am getting stuck behind a semi. Well, once I was clear, I moved over. This car runs right up on my ass and than slams on the brakes. I get past the cops and immediately move back over. The vehicle that slammed on the brakes speeds past me and I look over to see some bitch throwing me the bird. Now, she didn't even have the balls to look at me. She just starred straight ahead. I was so close to returning the salute, but caught myself. I am the professional and need to act like it no matter what.

After about 10 miles I just started chuckling as it amazes me how some people are. Apparently they were in a real hurry or something. What amazes me more is how many people just don't pay attention. Well let me give ya'll a little tip. A trucker sits higher, thus can see further ahead. Not to mention we have a CB and know where every cop is and what the traffic ahead is like. SO, if you see a truck get out of the right hand lane, 9 times out of 10 it is for a VERY GOOD REASON. Give us some slack and chill out. We are bigger and heavier and can't stop or accelerate like you do.

Ok, I will step off my soap box. Fair warning though, I am sure I will hop on it again soon. Lol

I ended my day with 539 miles and staying in Texarkana, AR for the night.
Oh, one last thing… I saw an exit for Arkadelphia.. WTF??? Is that like a redneck Philadelphia?? I also drove past Hope, AR, which by the big ass sign, is the birthplace of President Bill Clinton. What an honor it was… Wonder if Monica's dress is in the window on main street?

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