Made it home for Angie’s Birthday

What a whirlwind week. Started off in NC, last Thursday. Went to Laredo, back to SC, than to IN, and now I am sitting at the house getting ready to head back to IN. WHEW!!!

The trip from SC to IN was pretty much as ass puckering ride the whole time. We didn’t get a pre-plan until about 2. When all was said and done, we hit the road around 4 or so. I was driving as Donald was still on his 10 hr break. That meant I would get to drive through the Smokey Mts again.

If any of you were keeping up with the weather you know that it was pretty bad in the east this weekend. In fact, it was 100 degrees in Laredo when we left. When we got to SC, it was 45. As I started driving and getting closer to the mountains, the temp kept dropping. Than mother nature decided I needed to be challenged further and it started raining. Which turned into sleet and snow. By the time I hit the Gorge, it was 33 degrees and visibility was about 1/2 a mile. OH WHAT FUN THAT WAS… If you remember, this is the area that is 45 mph and trucks have to stay in the right lane. Well, you have those hot shots out there that were complaining on the CB and wondering who was leading this train.. Guess who??? Yup, ME… We had a convoy about 2 miles long coming through the gorge. Although there were those bitching, most of the guys came across the CB and said give the guy a break, it’s either his first time coming through here or he is top heavy.. That is when I finally got on the radio and said, your close. It’s my second time through here and I am top heavy. The guy came back and said man, take your time and don’t listen to these other assholes. We all had to start somewhere.

After he said that, I was a little relieved and not as nervous. I drove all the way to IN that night before switching over.

It was 0130 when we switched over and we were about two hours out from Waskuska where we had to unload. So, I hopped in the bunk to take a nap before we got there. Well, those that know me well know I can sleep like a rock. I woke up and the truck was stopped. I sat up and looked out the front window and I don’t see anyone. I did see another swift truck next to us that was unloaded, so I figured Donald was just over helping him. I hop up, get dressed, and as I am getting my shoes on I looked in the mirror. HOLY SHIT!!!! our trailer is empty too. So I get out and look around and I see Donald over in this field of chaises putting the covers over the steering wheels.

When he got back, I said what the hell Donald.. He looked at me and said, well I told you I don’t wake people up. Besides, you didn’t miss anything. It is just a reverse of what we did in Gaffney.

Once we got all 16 chains and binders put away, we headed to Gary. It was about 0830 and Donald’s wife was going into surgery at 11.

Needless to say we made it back to Gary around 1030. I looked over at Donald and said since my car is here, can I go home tonight and come back tomorrow (the 8th). He told me he didn’t care what I did as long as I was back by 11 pm on the 8th to submit my pay.

Well, I hopped in my car and headed home. 🙂 I am actually typing this on my computer for once and getting ready to head back to Gary. Can you tell I don’t mind driving. lol

It was so awesome to be able to be home for my baby’s birthday and I know it meant the world to her. We didn’t do much, but she loved it. We went to Chili’s and than stopped by DQ on the way home.

Well, I guess I better get my stuff together to head out. Plus Angie is home for lunch and telling me about her day, so I prolly should listen. 🙂

We set out PTA for 0700 on the 9th so when I get back I am going to study some more since the 19th is my last day with Donald. He is hoping we get either an AZ run or another Laredo run. More to follow….

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