Starting week 5

I just realized I am a day or two behind with the updates…. OOOPS

I made it to Laredo Friday morning and we delivered our load. Once we got back to the terminal, we just sat around until around 6 as we knew if we didn't have a pre-plan by than we weren't getting one.

Someone had the idea of going to a Chinese buffet, so 4 of us headed there to eat. It wasn't bad at all for 12.50. Although I stuck to eating the shit I could actually identify.

When I got back to the terminal I washed my ass and did laundry. I pretty much had to though as I had my last set of clean stuff on after my shower.

The pre-plan for our next load came across around 11:30 Saturday. It was picking up a loaded trailer from the yard and delivering it to NC. The weird thing was it didn't need to be delivered until the 20th. So we asked if we could T-call it in Greer, SC before we accepted it. T-call is nothing more than dropping the trailer at another location.

I rolled out about 1300 and headed back the same way we just came. I left SC last Thursday, and will be back there tonight if Donald decides to drive that long. He probably will though as he kicked me out of the seat with only 367 miles under me for the day. I think he was getting bored.

So, we will drop this in Greer tomorrow morning first thing and should be getting a load back to Indiana shortly after. Donald has to be back by the 7th as his wife is having surgery and he understandably wants to be there. Once he knows she is fine he said we are back on the road because the mother-in-law is going to be there, plus there is other family in town.

That means we will be rollin into Gary on the 6th sometime and than I believe I will be taking my car to the hizzy. Not positive on that, but I only have two weeks left before I get my own truck, so this may be my last opportunity.

Angie is already planning taking two weeks leave in June and riding with me. Hopefully I can get an Arizona run than so we can hang with my brother and his family for a bit.

It's really awesome to have such an understanding and supportive woman behind me. There is no doubt Angie would rather have me home every night, as would I, but stands behind me 100%. She knows I haven't been this happy in a long time.

I gotta tell ya, I absolutely love this. More than I thought I would honestly. I meet new people everyday. Hell, I met a couple in Laredo that reminded me of my parents. I don't know if he retired from the military or not, but he was an Illinois State Trooper for 37 years. Now he and his wife drive as a team because they enjoy it. They even said they don't do it for the money, they do it because they love it.

What I am finding is that you generally start to see the same people at the terminals. Hell I think Donald knows everyone. So it's like a big ass camping trip listening to all the stories, etc. Except there isn't a fire and s'mores.

Well, I guess that's about all for now. I am getting more comfortable with everything so Donald doesn't really say much anymore while I am driving. He did tell me that once we drop this load, I am to act like, and run this truck as if I was solo. He isn't going to tell me anything, unless it is vastly wrong and off the mark.

I think I am ready though.. But we all know what happens when I start thinking. 😉

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