Absolutely love the SE

Donald stopped in Newnan, GA last night. For those that care, it's exit 41 on I-85.

I was up at 0500, but Donald was still sawing logs. I got my pre-trip done, and the morning usual and he was still sleeping. About 0545 grabbed my log book to update it and fired up the truck. Donald awoke and I asked if 0600 was good to start driving. He looked at me and said why ya asking me? Well, I thought ya might wanna take a leak. He just looked at me, so I rolled out.

It pretty much rained off and on all morning. Except for when we got to Biloxi, MS. It was like day turned to night. We had stopped to eat and could see it coming towards us. Oh joy! When I pulled out of the Pilot, the rain picked up a bit. 5 miles later, it started raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock. If that analogy doesn't work for you, it means really friggin hard.

Visibility was about 10 feet for 20 miles or so. I slowed down to 45, put the flashers on, and moved over to the hammer lane to handle my business. I am pretty sure the cars I was passing thought I was nuts, but it is totally different driving in that in a truck vs. A car. You can actually see better than you can in a car. Anyway, once we got through that, the sun appeared and all was good.

I forgot how awesome the drive across I-10 is. If you have never done it, you should make it a point sometime. Hell, just go to the SE anywhere and it's awesome.

I ended my day in Lafayette, LA. 538 miles from where I started. I wanted to make it to Texas, but Donald said I did my 500, and that's all I need to do. I think he was just itchin to drive. He slept most of the day. 🙂

We just crossed into hell, um, I mean Texas. That gives us roughly 450 miles to Laredo. Not sure yet if Donald is going all the way or stopping somewhere and having me finish in the morning. I am guessing we will stop south of San Antonio somewhere. We have until 1530 to deliver tomorrow, and Laredo is only 150 miles away from San Antonio.

I just realized I use we a lot in these writings. That's kinda redundant huh? Maybe I will have to think of a way to cut those down to a minimum.

Now that I have you wondering where the hell that came from, it's a good time to close. 🙂

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