My apologies to those that actually look forward to reading the crap that comes out of my head for not updating this last night. I was just to damn tired. BTW, that was one helluva run-on sentence I opened up with. Oh well, English never was one of my strong suits. What classifies a suit as being strong anyway? Is it the material it's made out of?

Ok… On with the ramblings…

I left off on my last update somewhere in Indiana I believe. I drove us all the way to Inman, SC yesterday. The best part of the drive was also the part that made my bung hole pucker real good. It's called the Gorge. A 21 mile stretch on I-75 going through Tennessee n Kentucky. I don't know what the elevation change is, but it was down hill the whole way. Not to mention there were curves every 1/4 mile or so. Donald told me the only reason we went that way is so I could experience it. All the way down there are signs posted that say no trucks in the left lane, as well as it being written on the ground. Donald told me no matter what, stay outta that lane. If your caught, it's a 400 dollar fine.. DAMN!!!

By the time I stopped driving yesterday, we had a pre-plan for our next load. SWEET as we still had to unload the two coils today..

Ok, so fast forwarding to today….

We arrived at Dubose Strapping in Clinton, NC around 0700 and were done by 0800.

Than we headed to Gaffney, SC where we picked up at Freightliner. 3 bus chassises headed for Laredo. Apparently they head into Mexico and the lil mexicanos make a complete bus out of them.

I drove just under 300 miles today because we were at the yard so long and I ran out hours on my 14.

The reason we were there so long is because the last chassis extends off the back of the trailer about 3 feet. Well, the trailer is 53 feet long and it's illegal to have overhang on a 53 foot trailer. U can't be longer than 72 feet total including the tractor without having special permits.

We talked to the guys that load the trailers and they told us that's how they always load them. So, donald and I used the chains and binders to pull it towards the front of the trailer as far as we could. Still illegal by 2 feet. Donald looked at me and asked if I thought we should take it. I said if it was me know, UNLESS Swift pays for the fine and ensures nothing goes on my driving record. However, I doubt that will happen.

Donald gets his phone and calls back to Gary, than to Phoenix, and back to Gary again. About an hour went by and he came back and said we are taking it. I said seriously? He said yup, Swift assured me they will pay the fine if we get stopped. I said OH YAY, my luck I will be the one driving at the time.

Anyway, it took us another hour to secure the load. 4 chains and 4 binders per chassis.

I am so glad I got this load with Donald before I went solo. I would have been clueless had I never seen how to do it before, plus "The Don" showed me a few handy dandy pointers to make it easier.

I won't lie to ya, this load freaks me out. It's only 35K lbs, but it's the tallest load I have had so far. I definitely understand what I was told in school. Ya don't pull the trailer, you drive the trailer. The trailer has a mind of it's own and we pretty much just control it.

I knocked out two more backings today too. One at Freightliner, and the other at Pilot after we were loaded. We stopped there to fuel n shower. When we finished fueling, Donald told me what spot to park in and he started walking towards it. Well, I looked and thought to myself, this is easy. As I pull out of the fuel isle and start turning to set up for the back, another dude pulls out of the fuel isle and parks right in my way. That bastard!!!
I immediately went to plan B which was, you guessed it, nadda damn thing. I adapted and overcame the situation nicely. Only had to pull up once to adjust, so I was pretty happy.

Right now were are headed south on I-85 and are going to get through Hot Lanta before we stop for the night.

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