Start of week 4

I woke up at 0456 this morning. Not because of my alarm though. It was purely me being a dumb ass.

Last night when I went to bed it was about 34 degrees out. I could have let the truck idle all night, but it was toasty enough. Hell, I have a good sleeping bag so I will be fine. Well that was bull shit. Apparently throughout the night I managed to unzip it and ended up more out of it than in it. So, at about 0200 I woke up freezing my ass off. I jumped up, hopped in the driver's seat, and fired the truck up.

Now maybe it was because I was so cold, but I cranked the heat and properly crawled back into my sleeping bag. Pretty sure I don't have to tell ya what happened next, but I'm gonna. Remember me saying I woke up at 0456?? Sweatin like a whore in church. BTW, who the hell came up with that saying anyway??

Anyway, since my alarm was set for 0500 I just stayed up. After I turned the temp all the way to cool.

I got everything done and headed out for Park City at 0700. Let me just say that Chicago traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

When we got to our destination we walked in and both our jaws hit the ground. There was no way for them to get the generator off the trailer and the guy we gave the paperwork to just looked at us and said he had to get his supervisor. About 10 min later this lady walks around the corner and said we could pick our jaws up off the ground as she made arrangements to have us unloaded across the street.

I don't think the guys she had arranged to unload it knew it was 8300 lbs though because they looked pretty nervous and didn't have a fork lift big enough to take it off. I asked if they had two fork lifts and he said yes. I said well I will just back in and you guys can get a fork lift on each side, lift it up just enough to get it off the trailer, and I will drive out from underneath it. They looked worried, but Donald reassured them.

So we get unloaded and waited for about 30 min after we sent our unloaded call n nothing came through so we headed back to Gary.

We sat there until around 1330 before we got a pre-plan. It's a load of two coils. One is 49K and the other is 14K. The pre-plan said to pick it up at the terminal, but all the flat beds were empty. We went in to check on what was going on and this was a load that was being dropped off because the guy who was picking it up today didn't have enough hours to complete the run.

Well his slow ass didn't get to the terminal till 1830. Since I started my day at 0630, I only had two hours left to work. Had plenty of hours left on my 11, but only two on mt 14.

So, donald is driving now and I will be legal to drive at 1015 tonight, but since I was up all day Donald wants me ready to roll at 0300.

Not sure where we will be by that time, but I am hoping we haven't hit Black Mountain by than. Donald said it is the worst mountain in NC and has a 7% grade. He said if it was just him he would take a different route. Since I am on the truck though, we are going over it because he wants me to experience it.

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