We arrived at our location to pick-up and discovered they weren't even ready. Granted we were an hour early, but were told yesterday it would be ready.

When we arrived, they were just starting to disconnect the generator from the building. Apparently they were leasing this one and the buyout was to much so they are returning it.

Once they got it disconnected, I brought the truck around for the crane to place it on the trailer. First time I ever directed a crane operator, but it's not rocket science I guess.

We got it chained down, only needed two chains and than I was asked to move the truck as they had to place the other generator they got. That meant we had to wait to tarp the load as they had to put all the side panels on it first.

Basically we arrived at 0915 EST and didn't pull out and send our loaded call until noon.

All-in-all the day went well. Can't say I am a fan of Baltimore/DC traffic. Not to mention most of the roads in that area are narrow as hell and Beltsville is full of hair pin turns. Donald said he was impressed with my turns though, so that was good. Honestly, I impressed myself on a couple of them. The rest of my drive was good, except I can't figure PA out. Your going 65 for 10 miles, than it changes to 55 for like five miles, than goes back up to 65. It's really frustrating. The coolest part of the drive through PA was going through the Allegheny Mountain tunnel. I'm such a little kid sometimes. You know I had to roll down the window to hear the echo of the big ass Cumins Diesel under the hood. Not only did I do that, but I also tapped the brake to shut off the cruise so the jake would kick in. Ahhhhh. Donald just looked over at me and shook his head. Than he admitted he did the same damn thing driving through a tunnel his first time.

I put in 549 miles today in 8 1/2 hours. Donald is driving the rest of the way to Gary. We will be staying at the terminal until Monday as the place we are delivering to isn't open on weekends.

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