Chillin at the TA

The ol alarm went off at 0400 and in Ty fashion, I hit snooze till 0500. It was all good though. When we finally did get up Donald said he got up at 0300 when his wife called and couldn't see 20 feet in front of the truck due to fog.

We rolled out around 0600 and going through the Appalachians, there was patchy fog that slowed us down to 35-40 mph at times.

I was still on my 10 hour break, so I didn't drive at all today. We were unloaded around 0930 and before we got all the chains put away and the tarp rolled up, we both got text messages saying we had a pre-plan.

Picking up 8,500 lbs of generator parts from CH Robinson in Beltsville, Maryland headed to Park City, Illinois.

Well we looked at the trusty ol map and Beltsville is halfway between Baltimore and DC. The only truck stop between there is in Jessup, Maryland so that is where we headed. Our load wasn't ready so we couldn't pick it up today.

So, we've been chillin at the TA all day. Took a little nap this afternoon, got a shower in, and did some training. Honestly, I have been pretty bored. Good thing I got my BlackBerry. 😉

Sitting at a truck stop all day is a lot like sitting at the airport, waiting on a flight, and people watching. As people were backing into spots, Donald would ask me what they were doing wrong, when they should start getting the tractor in front of the trailer, etc.. Ya know, it is so easy to back one of these things up when you aren't behind the wheel. Lol

The other entertainment of the day was just listening to the CB. It's like a Jerry Springer episode. I think some of these guys just lay in their sleeper and stir shit up.

So that was my day in a nutshell. Hell, it was so uneventful, I don't even have any funny stories.

I guess I will close with that. Gotta go get a Dew and than hop up in the bunk and watch movies until my baby calls!

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