Finally got a load

Got the text message around 1145 or so to head to the truck to check our pre-plan. 1 steel coil weighing in at 24,440 lbs from East Chicago to Baltimore.

I fired up the Kenworth and headed over to flatbed row to get our trailer. Once hooked up I did the pre-inspection on the trailer and discovered we had two lights out. I let Donald know and he said ok, I'll be right back. About 10 minutes later he came back with his pockets full of lights. I just started laughing and he smiled and said, well ya can never have enough spares. Come to find out, he grabbed enough lights to replace everyone on the trailer. We just replaced the two that we out though and headed over to East Chicago.

We pulled up to the security guard and he directed us to the back of the building and told us what door to go to. I pulled around back, went in and filled out the load paperwork and the guy said pick a door and back in. So Donald opened the door for me and I went to swing the truck around. It was another blind side backing and I am happy to report I backed into that bay like a pro. Ok, maybe not like a pro, but I didn't have to pull up at all to re-adjust. I could have been a little more centered in the bay, but like Donald told me; your in and getting loaded, that's all that matters.

There were two other Swift drives getting loaded after us and it was their first solo run. I actually felt sorry for them as they looked clueless. But Donald took the time to answer all the questions and even showed them how to set up the rack properly. I felt pretty good as well as I even answered a couple of their questions.

Once we got the coil chained down, tarped, and strapped we sent our loaded call and updated our ETA at the destination.

We needed to fill up, so that is where we headed next. As I was driving Donald looked over and said, "You must have got all your grinding out when you were at home.". I was concentrating and didn't hear him exactly. So I asked what he said. He said well, you haven't ground a gear yet so you must have got all your grinding out when you were at home. This is when the light bulb turned on and I got it. ;). Now, you know I must have really been concentrating to miss a perverted analogy because that shit just doesn't happen.

We took on 180 gallons of fuel at the TA outside Gary and headed east.

I finished my day in Oakmont, PA. Another 440 safe miles driven. Donald is driving now. He said he was gonna get a couple hours sleep and than get up and drive, but I am guessing he wants to get within a couple hours of our destination, stop, get some sleep, and than have me finish up in the morning. We have a delivery window of 3/27 @ 0700 to 3/30 @ 1500. I believe we are doing just fine on time considering we only had to go 617 miles.

Ohhhh…. Stoppin for the night… Donald is tired… YAY for sleeeeeeep!!!!

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