Unexpected home time is awesome

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but you will understand why as this continues.

Yesterday started with me waking up at 0656 and having no clue where we were. Donald was on the top bunk, and we were stopped at a rest area somewhere. Donald had to be really tired to stop at a rest area, because he just doesn’t do that.

I grabbed my bag to go brush my teeth and that’s when I found out we were at the Silver Lake Rest Area in between St Louis and Effingham. I get back to the truck and Donald is up now and he looks at me and says I overslept. He said I should have been on the road at 0630. I guess I failed to hear that before I crashed for the night. So, he said it’s not a huge thing as I can still make it. He told me to set the cruise between 60 and 65, keep my eyes peeled, and to listen to the CB. The speed limit for trucks in Illinois is 55. That CB, even though there is a ton of BS that comes across, is worth it’s weight in gold. Not just for cop sightings, but for safety issues as well.

I made it to Lafayette with an hour to spare. We checked in with security to get our pass and get directions for where we were to go. I had to go through the scale again and we weighed in at 70,980 lbs. I than made my way to the scrap building and pulled in as directed. It took about 30 minutes to un-tarp and un-strap the load, than we had to wait as someone was borrowing the forklift the guy needed to unload us. Once unloaded, I had to back out of the building and head back to the scale. Our empty weight was 30,880 lbs. Once we got the weight ticket we could than head back to security to be cleared to leave.

Now as we were waiting to be unloaded, I took the opportunity to call Angie. As I was on the phone, Donald looked over and told me to ask her if it would be OK if I came home for a couple of days. 🙂 We didn’t have a pre-plan yet and he said since everyone was already gone for the weekend it would be Monday before we got anything. He said there was no reason for me to stay in a hotel in Gary since my car was there. He went on to explain that if I didn’t take it home now, he didn’t know when I would get it home because once I am done with him, I will have my own truck waiting on me. So, he is going to get loaded Monday and than pick me up after he’s loaded. We are going to take a steel coil down to Laredo.

Needless to say, yesterday was pretty long. I started off outside of St Louis, stopped in Indiana, went to the terminal in Gary, and than drove back to St Louis.

When we were on our way to Gary I had passed another truck and I hear “C’mon over skateboard”. I’m still checking my mirror to make sure I am clear and Donald looks over at me and said, “he’s talking to you.” Ahhhhhhhh I get it now… Skateboard is trucker talk for a flat bed. So I grabbed the CB and said thank ya sir! 🙂 At that point I realised it was a helluva lot easier in the daytime to grab the CB and let those that pass me know they were clear to come back over.

I will close for now as I can’t remember everything I wanted to put in here. I guess it wasn’t that important. LOL

Next update will probably be Tuesday night sometime.

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