Swift Headquarters

The day started at 0500 AZ time. We got to the customer at 0530 and were the first ones there. I am so glad Donald was with me as I would probably still be there trying to back up.

When you pull into the place you pull onto a scale. They get your weight and than they tell you to pull forward to the dead end, take a right and park between the yellow lines. He said make sure you have the trailer in the box marked trailer and the tractor in the one marked tractor. Well guess what. You get back there and you have to turn around in order to do that. However, there is barely enough room to turn around a pick-up with a boat or camper. That is why I would have been there awhile. Hell, it took Donald about 15 min to do it.

We get unloaded and than they tell us to pull back up to the scale so they can get the empty weight. Well that means you have to back all the way up again to get loaded. There is shit on both sides and hardly any room to maneuver, but Donald made it look fairly easy. The Foreman comes out and tells us that they are going to put 26 pallets of aluminum scrap on with 17K lbs of aluminum blocks on the back. Now the boxes range from 1K lbs to 2K lbs. A quick math check by Donald said there is no way in hell you are doing that because that will put us over weight. The guy tried to argue with him but lost. He said you guys may do that with company trucks, but this is my truck and you can either listen to me or I am gone. Lol. So, they changed the load. Basically cut the number of pallets, so we have 41K lbs on the trailer now.

We strap everything down and than have to weigh on the way out. The guy at the scale tells us we need to go to shipping to get the paperwork. We drive over there, get in the gate and some dude comes out and said your tarping that right? Donald said yes, and asked if we could go to the truck stop to do it. The dude says no problem, I am off to a meeting, but your paperwork will be ready when you get back.

So, we go tarp in and get back to shipping and some jack ass calls Swift HQ and said we didn't tarp the load on their property and are going to refuse to let us leave. Now we have HQ calling wondering what is going on and it's just a big mess. Donald doesn't play those games though. When all was said and done the guy that told us we could tarp it at the truck stop finally told his boss he said we could. When all was said and done we spent just over 5 hrs at this place. Come to find out we are supposed to tarp it on their property, but you can't get on the trailer without going to some station and wearing a harness. That is why Donald wanted to do it at the truck stop.

Anyway, as we are leaving we get a message over the Qualcomm that says to head to the Phoenix terminal and see the Flatbed division (for all of Swift) manager.

In order to get in this place you have to go through the fuel isle. we needed fuel anyway, so no biggie. Since this is HQ though, they actually do a safety check to. In fact they have a gate that won't open until safety clears you. Well, the brakes are bad on the trailer and the right rear outer tire is flat. So, they red lined it and it's in the shop now. The tire wasn't flat either. It had 80 psi in it. It's supposed to have 110. I told the guy just to put air in it than and he gave us some line o shit that if it's below 90 it is considered flat.

Bottom line is our day is shot. We have the hours to work and drive still, but it makes no sense to go 120 miles and stop. We will get a good nights rest and head out at the ass crack of dawn to beat the morning traffic out of here. Since we are so far north I think we are just going to go up through Flagstaff and then cut over.

Oh, almost forgot the best part of the day. This morning before we left Love's we went in to brush the teeth and get some coffee. It sounded good, even though I had Dew in the truck. Well I grab me one of those 32 oz refill able jobbers. Now at this point Donald is giving the lady that works there a hard time because she is short and can barely reach the top of the coffee pots. We get our coffee and head over to get in line to pay. No one was there, but guess who showed up? The short lady. So Donald starts in again. She helps the two in front of us, than looks at us and says, "would you guys just leave and quit giving me shit." I pleaded my case and reminded her that I didn't say anything. I was told I was guilty by association. Than she said now you guys have a good day. I looked at her and held up my cup and she said don't worry about it! HA! She thought it was a refill. Now Donald has been giving me hell all day. He even said he was going to call Angie and tell her that I am a theif.

This just in…. Donald just got back from the shop and we are cleared for take off.

I just wish I would have packed some shorts because it's 83 here, not a cloud in the sky, and a nice little breeze. I could be tanning. Getting paid to do it too since I am still in training and on salary. 🙂

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