Donald woke up at the ass crack of dawn this morning to start driving. I stayed up for about an hour. I asked if he needed anything and he said he was good, so I grabbed my sleeping bag, moved it to the bottom bunk and I was out!

I woke up around 10 in Alamogordo, NM (I think gordo is Spanish for shit hole). The funny thing is Donald stopped twice before that, one of those for breakfast, and I had no damn clue.
So I do my morning thing, get a couple of Dews, and do my pre trip. At 1115 I was headed west on US-70. The first thing I pass is Holloman AFB. Thank God I was never stationed there. There isn't a damn thing for miles around that base. Than I see this sign that tells me we are entering White Sands Missile Range. Now that was pretty cool. When I come through this way solo, I will have to stop and check out the museum. May be a good pit stop when I have Angie on the truck with me. Plus I will have to have lunch or something with Todd since he is at Holloman (not sure who he pissed off).

Traveling through New Mexico is about as fun as stubbing your toe. The biggest excitement of that part of the trip was the whit sand on the missile range, and this deceiving hill that lasted for what seemed ever. The damn thing doesn't look that bad until you start heading up it with 78K lbs. The engine starts pulling and the speedo drops to 55. So I down shift to 7th and that lasted about a half mile, and I went to 6th. By the time I got to the top, I was in 5th gear doing a blistering 35 mph. Now, whomever put that road in, is a complete dumb ass. The friggin truck lane didn't start until you were three quarters of the way up. Not to mention they don't have it posted as to what the grade is. I have been on 7% grade in Texas and that was nothing compared to this.

Whatever goes up, must come down right? This was the fun part. All those cars that passed me going up the hill, saw a beige blur go by them on the way down. I had it in 7th and was doing good at keeping it at 60. I didn't want to get too crazy. Hardly touched the brakes. I let the 'ol Jake Brake do the work for me and let me tell ya, that baby sounds awesome. So I am cruisin along and Donald looked over and told me to put it in 8th and enjoy the ride. Next thing I now I am going 75, but that was the speed limit, so it's all good.

I gotta tell ya, if you have never been to Arizona, ya gotta go. The scenery is awesome. Even though there is nadda in spots, but the scenery n mountains make up for it. I absolutely love it.

We pulled into Chandler at 7 and headed into Love's to take a shower. The place we have to deliver to tomorrow is right across the street.

Donald wanted to go to the casino down the road though, so that is where we are now. I put 2 bucks in the slots, lost it all, and that was good for me. The buffet was alright, but not worth 15.99. I really have no idea why they call it the Gila River Casino. I think it should be called the Chandler Senior Citizen Center. Either that or tonight was field trip night, not really sure.

I guess I better hit the hay. Gettin up at 7, well 5 AZ time to head over to unload. We pick up our next load at the same place and are supposed to deliver it in Indiana on the 17th… Yeah, we aren't making that. Hell we couldn't make it even if both of us drove our 11 hrs straight.

Today's stats were 439 miles in 7 hrs and 45 min, with a single quick pit stop.

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