Update on the Greyhound experience

For some reason the bus showed up in Dallas on time, but we didn't leave until 0630 or so. Apparently the driver didn't show up and they had to call someone else in. However, this wasn't told to us until we got to Tulsa to switch busses. The lay over here in Tulsa was supposed to be 30 min. Due to us leaving out of Dallas late though, we missed our connection and the next bus isn't until 1900 tonight. That means I don't get to St Louis until 0200 now.

I called Donald to give him the update and he said he was good with leaving Saturday so I could have some time with my wife. :). Not married yet, but it still put a big ass smile on my face.

So, I have tried to use the time productively and studied some more. I also believe that I suffer from a severe case of waffle ass too. The benches in the terminal are a wire mesh and not the most comfortable.

This will be my last update until at least Saturday night when I get on Donalds truck. Not even sure where we are headed, but I am assuming Laredo. He said he doesn't do runs out west.

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