Not A Happy Camper

DISCLAIMER: No one was hurt or injured during the writing of this, but I may punch a bum in the throat if he asks me for more money. Than I am going to go smack the crap out of some lady who can't control her screaming kid. I probably shouldn't even be writing this right now, but I feel the raw, unedited version is the best. That is why I never re-read anything before I post it.

Greg decided to leave Houston and head for Silsbee at the ass crack 'o dawn (0445 to be exact). In fact we arrived so early, we had to wait an hour for daylight. So, while we had time I decided to do another check of everything to make sure it was ok. Well, it wasn't. Somehow the service airline connection on the trailer broke off. Not a huge issue as there is still the emergency line. However, when you add a load, you can't ask the tractor to stop it all (see the service line provides air to the trailer, so when you hit the brake pedal, it applies the trailer brakes as well). Greg called roadside service to come out and fix it while we were being loaded. After about 5 min of Greg trying to explain to the mechanic what was wrong, he handed me the phone and told me to explain it. The guy asked me what was wrong and I said the service glad handle snapped off the trailer. That is fine, but you will need to bring the brass nut that attaches to the trailer, as well as the 1/4 in to 1/2 inch brass adapter as that is the part that snapped in half. He says ok, I'll be there in about 30 min.

We had about half the load on when the guy showed up. After I set all the straps for the load where they needed to be I went to show the mechanic what was wrong. He had this puzzled look on his face and said he may not be able to fix it there. He said he needed the brass nut that attaches to the trailer. Well no shit? Pretty sure I told you that. So guess what? The dude jerry rigs it with a bungee cord to get us the 50 miles or so to the truck stop in Beaumont, TX. Needless to say when it was all said and done, they charged Swift 325 dollars for about 15 dollars worth of parts. They charged a 200 dollar roadside call fee? WTF?? Seriously?? I apparently am in the wrong business. So guess what Ty is gonna carry with him when he gets his own truck? If you guess everything it takes to replace the air line connections you are right.. If you guessed something else, just stop reading now as your not paying attention and are wasting my time.

Ok kinda skipped ahead there. Let me back track a bit. We had to use 16 straps on the load. Well, we didn't have to, but it is best to over secure, than not have enough. We called the customer and confirmed that we didn't need to tarp it. Soooo happy about that.

I started driving after we got loaded and headed to Beaumont, which has already been discussed.
The drive was pretty good. It sprinkled most of the day, but nothing to serious…. Just yet anyway.

Good 'ol mother nature has to wait until we get about halfway there and decides to increase her perspiration. There we're times it was raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock. For those that can't comprehend that analogy, well think of turning your faucet on high. Get the picture now?

I was having a blast. It is amazing how stupid people become when it rains. It is like they lost their minds and totally forgot what the hell they were doing. It's even better to look over and see some physically squeeze the wheel harder when we pass.

Hey, after driving almost seven hours straight, it doesn't take much to amuse me. Come to think of it, it doesn't take much to amuse me at any time.

We arrived at the customer and it was still raining. That nice steady pour too. Just to make it better it was cold rain. Remember those 16 straps I was telling you about earlier? Oh it was a real treat. Froze my ass off and soaked to the bone, but loved every minute of it.

Now for the part where the day goes to shit. I will save the other part of this for the end to attempt to end on a good note.

If you haven't read the previous days blogs, STOP!!! Go read those first or you will be lost. Anywho…

I got a message over the Qualcomm and it said that I was being bussed from Dallas to St Louis, and my new mentor, Donald would be picking me up on Friday (that's the part I am ending on). So, this whole bus thing. Oh hell, I am going to keep this short because it has been eatin me up for the past 4 hours now, and my thumbs are getting sore. The earliest bus out of Dallas is 0600. Sweet!!! But the damn thing doesn't get to St Louis until 2100. Now I know why I have NEVER traveled on Greyhound.

And now for the rest of the story. My new mentor, Donald is the O/O I talked about yesterday. For the record he can't believe the fiasco with this whole thing, and why they just didn't put me on his truck the other day. So, we are chattin and he said you remember who I am right? I said yeah, the guy from San Antonio. He said yup! But wait, you said you were not taking anymore students because it is costing you money. He said, "I'm not doing this for Swift, I am doing this for Greg.". He went on to say that I didn't see it, but he went back to talk to Greg after talking to me. So I got to thinking about it. If it is costing him money to have students on his truck and he was not taking anymore, he is basically paying out of his own pocket to train me. That just floors me that someone would do that off a conversation.

With that I will close as I need a smoke, my thumbs hurt, and I really need to smack the shit out of the woman who can't seem to control her screaming kid. Wanna take bets they are going to St Louis???

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