East Bound N Down

The morning started with my mentor being suspended for 30 days due to the backing accident. Than out of the blue we get a pre plan for a load. Apparently they are looking for a new mentor for me and I have no clue what is going to happen, so I am just going to act as though nothing is changing.

We picked up the load in Green Valley, AZ at the copper mine. When we got there we had to contact Security on the CB to check in. Since I had never been there before I had to watch a safety video on mine operations. Let me tell ya, that is 8 minutes of my life I will never get back. Once I got my safety card the guy at the security desk took my name down and told me to drive onto the scale. Didn't know why, so I pull on and get on the CB to let him know I am there. He gives me my weight and tells me to proceed into the mine. I pulled up to get loaded and went to check-in with the loaders. that was when I found out we were getting 10 bags of Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate. I have no clue what it is, but it's a fine powdery substance.

After the guy loaded us we had to tarp the load n strap it down. Once that was complete I went back in and signed for the load and found out the weight was 40,092 lbs. That is when the light came on and I thought to myself I bet we have to scale out too. Sure enough, the guy hands me my copies and tells me to head back to the scale. See, they want to make sure you aren't stealing anything. :). It's cool though because when I called security to let them know I was ready to scale out he asked if I wanted total or axle. I had each axle weighed and that saved a trip to a truck stop scale, which saves me 9 bucks. 🙂

We grossed at 77 thousand and something. I can't remember, but I have it written down. It's just not back here in the sleeper and I am to lazy to get up and look.

So, Greg is driving now and our next stop is El Paso for fuel and we are also going to take advantage of the free showers at the terminal. Greg will still have about 3 hours available to drive after that, so not sure if I am taking over there or not yet.

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