Still No Freight

Another day passed and no load assignment. The good thing is since I am in training status I am on salary so I get paid as long as I am on the truck. However, my mentor doesn't. If the wheels ain't turnin, he ain't earnin.

That being said, we got bored hangin at the Pilot so Greg, my mentor, wanted to go to Wal-Mart in Nogales to restock his cooler. I hung out in the truck for about an hour or so and talked to Angie.

When we left Wal-Mart, the only way to get out was to go behind the building to turn around since we have a trailer now. When we got to the back Greg saw the dock and two trailers at the dock as well as an open spot. So, he told me to put the trailer in the empty slot. Now I had a good amount of room, but the side we came in on caused it to be a blind side backing. Well I got the trailer lined up behind me and started cutting the trailer. I lost the other trailers in my right mirror, so as I am backing I reached down and adjusted the mirror so I could see. I cut it a little to much so I pulled up about 5 feet and put that bad boy right between the lines. Greg looked at me and said, "You will be just fine." He went on to explain that I was the first student he hasn't had to tell to adjust the mirror. I smiled and said thank you sir!

Greg wanted to go see another movie so I took him up there and called Angie again. What can I say, we absolutely love talking to one another. While there, Troy, Cindy, and the kids headed down from Tucson to take me out to dinner. They arrived just as Greg's movie got over, so he told me just to meet him back at the pilot. (More on that in a jiffy)

We ate at a hibachi joint! The food was awesome and it was really good to see everyone again. Plus it was my niece's 13th birthday so that was cool that I got to hang with her for a bit. She even brought Greg and I birthday cake!! 🙂

So we finish eating and they drop me off at the pilot and Greg is in the driver seat talking to some guy. As soon as I get in the truck Greg looks at me and says you ain't going to believe this shit. I just looked at him and he went on to say that he hit the truck next to us. WHAT??? Apparently he when he was backing he was doing what he was supposed to and getting out to look to make sure he had enough room. He said he did this about 4 times and than some guy walks up and said he would spot him back. Well the guy spotted him back into a Conway truck. The Conway driver felt the tap and pulls open his shade, looks, and gets out. At this point the guy spotting took off. It wasn't a bad hit, just a minor ding and scrape. However, the Conway guy wants to report it to his company so now Greg has to do all the paperwork for Swift. As he gets done telling me the story he said, I should have just waited until you got back and had you do it. LOL. We both had a good laugh, which he needs right now. He's still pissed at the guy who was spotting for bailing, but he is more pissed at himself because he knows.. YOU NEVER TRUST A SPOTTER!!! Unless they are your co-driver.

We have our fingers crossed that we will get a load assignment tomorrow. But if we don't I will just do some more studying and knock out a couple more backings. I have to have 28 by the time my 42 days is up.

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