So There I Was

We unloaded yesterday and were given a pre-trip just as we were pulling up to our drop-off. While we were taking the chains off the coil, they took us off the trip as there was already another truck in Phoenix. Due to the economy there just isn't any freight coming out of Nogales right now.

So, we spent the night in Nogales. Hit the Wal-Mart and than my mentor wanted to see Watchmen. Lucky for him the theater was right behind Wal-Mart so I drove over there and hung out in the truck and talked to my girl. :). Much better than a movie in my opinion. After the movie was over I drove back to the Wal-Mart parking lot and that's where we crashed for the night.

We got up about 10 this morning and went back to the yard where we dropped our load to pick up a trailer just in case we get a pre-plan. We found a good trailer right when we pulled in, and my mentor looked at me and said, "It's all yours, show me how it's done." I didn't due to bad considering it was the first time I have ever coupled a trailer. Only had to pull up twice to make sure I was lined up correctly.

Once I was hooked up we decided to head back North on I-19 to the Pilot in Rio Rico. So I pull in and my mentor looks at me and tells me what spot he wants me to park in. Now, I am thinking to myself that their are other spots open and easier to get to. However, he wanted to see if I could bend this flat bed 90 degrees and put it dead center between two trucks already parked.

Now someone must have hit some silent alarm or something as about 5 different guys get out of their trucks to watch. That didn't last long though. I think they got bored watching me. Lol. Let me just say that backing up a 48 ft flat bed with an 8 ft spread is different than backing up a 53 ft van with tandems. The pivot points on the wheels are different. You will be happy to know I got it in without hitting anything. :). Only took me 4 pull-ups and 3 GOALs (Get Out And Looks). Oh and just to give you an idea of how much room I had to work with; if I roll my window down and the guy next to me does the same, we can high-5 one another. Basically that's about 3 feet on either side.

Right now I am deciding if I want to spend 10 bucks to take a shower or not. I am thinking it's a good investment though so I may do that. The rest of the day has been spent studying my driver manual that I have to take 5 tests on when my 42 days is up. Plus I have 2 test on the flat bed as well.

Other than that I am just chillin and watchin all of the other professional drivers whip in and out of spots like it's nothing. It's actually pretty impressive to watch I think.

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