Made it to Albuquerque

Actually I drove about 50 miles further on 25 South. All-in-all it was a good trip. I stopped twice to use the facilities for a total of 45 min. The rest was all driving. That makes it 10 hrs and 15 min I drove. I'm pretty impressed with myself for it being my second day actually traveling in a truck.

It was really smooth truckin until I left Oklahoma n crossed into New Mexico. The hills are a bitch. Just when ya get up to speed n rollin good, oh, another hill.. Down shift just to keep momentum up and up shift at the top.. Rinse and repeat for a couple hundred miles. 🙂

Now for the most frustrating point of the day. Do people just not know what the definition of MERGE is?? I always thought the whole concept was to get up to speed so you can fall-in with aka merge with traffic. I didn't really notice it much until today. I've got news for those that don't know how to merge. I will do my best to get over for you, but if I can't you better either shit or get off the pot because slowing 80K lbs, traveling 64 mph, doesn't happen instantly. Not to mention if it did, you would probably soon see a trailer coming at you because I locked the breaks n jack knifed. I got some real dirty looks today as well as a couple of other things. I just waved and smiled. I just don't get what is so hard about hitting the gas to speed up.. But than again that is common sense and it seems like that is fading commodity these days.

On that note I will step down from my soap box n head to bed. 🙂

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