Flat Bed Training Day 2

Today started with a review of what we learned yesterday and than being crammed with the rest of the manual we need to know. Than, while the information was still fresh in our heads, we took a written test.

The biggest thing that happened today is everyone was given driver codes and assigned a mentor. My mentor had actually called me while I was in class before I had even been told so I thought that was pretty cool. That being said, I have no idea when I am going to meet up with him. What I do know is that it will be next week sometime. He was being loaded in PA at the time, than has to stop in Baltimore and continue on to SC where he unloads. So, I am figuring Monday or Tuesday….More to come on that.

The good news about that is that I have some home time that I didn’t plan on. When I left last Sunday, Angie and I had prepared for me to be gone 6-7 weeks. However, as soon as we were dismissed today, I got gas and headed south. 🙂 On the way back I had the distinct pleasure of meeting an Illinois State Trooper. I had the cruise set at 75 in a 65 (headed south on I-57) and he came flying past me and didn’t even have his lights on. Well as soon as he passed me he started slowing down and than acted like he was going to use one of those turn-arounds and head back North. Instead, he just pulled over until I passed. The radar detector didn’t go off once, but I had slowed down to 70 anyway. So, here I am in the granny lane (right lane) and he is staying behind me in the hammer lane (left lane).. See, already speaking the trucker lingo. 🙂 Anywho, I digress…. So, this goes on for about a mile or two. I am thinking what the hell is he doing back there. Well, I am approaching a semi and decide to slow down a bit because I didn’t want to cut the trooper off. Would you believe that the trooper slowed down too? At this point I am like, whatever, and turn the ol blinky blink thing on and proceed around the semi. I get in front of the semi and than the trooper gets in behind me and continues to follow me for another couple of miles. Guess what happened??? Yup, he hit the lights. So, I pull over and he comes up to the passenger side window and says he needs to see my license and insurance. I hand it over to him and he asks if I am a veteran (I have a Bronze Star license plate). I said yes sir, I am. Than he tells me that he pulled me over because of my window tint, but is just going to give me a warning and he will be back in a couple of minutes.

When he comes back he has me sign the ticket and I asked him if I could ask what was wrong with my tint. He said that my front two windows aren’t allowed to be tinted. Than he asked what I got my Bronze Star for and if I was in Iraq. So I told him and than he said, damn that is cool. Thank you for your service. I said well thank you for your service sir and I hope you have a great weekend. He said you too and have a safe trip… My analysis of the whole thing is that he and his partner were bored, saw my license plate, than needed a reason to talk to me. I have passed or been passed by various entities of law enforcement and not one has ever stopped me for my tint.

I am going to keep this short as I have this beautiful woman that was excited as hell to see me walk through the door and is anxiously awaiting me to join her on the couch. Gotta keep momma happy or no ones happy, ya know. 🙂

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