Day one of Swift Orientation

The day started off with my roommate n I not getting up until 6.. The problem with that is the shuttle leaves at 6:15. It was a good thing we showered the night before as we made it to the shuttle just in time.

Once we got to the terminal, we had to take another drug test. Those that didn't go through the Swift Academy had to do the complete physical. Once all of that was completed we had to watch the good 'ol sexual harassment videos and some other company policy videos.

After lunch we covered the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulation. The instructor quickly showed us that we can lose a ton of money if we don't know this publication inside and out. A Department of Transportation officer can pull us over at anytime for an inspection. During that inspection, they can ask us questions and if we don't know the answer we get fined. It's not like getting a traffic ticket n going on your merry way either. The DOT will hold you until it's paid. So if you don't have the cash on you, they take a payroll deduction.

We covered a ton of information today and were given a ton of hard hitting examples that showed us if we don't keep our log books true and legal we are only hurting ourselves.

Now with all of that, you have the jack asses in the group that don't agree with something or that it isn't fair. No matter how much the instructor told them they don't have a choice they still argued. This not only frustrates the hell out of me, it takes time away from getting all the other information.

Thinking it over though, I hope they continue to fight the system n bitch, because as they are on the side of the road forking over a couple of grand I will be rollin by.. Lol

It was also interesting to find out that some states such as Ohio are losing Federal Funding for state roads, etc because they are to harsh on truck drivers. However, they don't care because they are making a killing off truckers that are running illegally n lying on their log books.

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