Want Your Thoughts/Feedback/Comments

I’m thinking of giving this blogging thing another try. I was sitting her thinking, scary I know, and when I was in Iraq I emailed a weekly update to everyone. (Yes Angie, I remember that I forgot to add you to that). Anyway, since I will be starting with Swift next week and traveling all over the lower 48, I figured others would like to hear about my experiences.

Also, if this is your first time reading my blog, I am sure you have many questions. The one I get most is, “What the hell happened?” The other one is, “Why would you get out of the military with 16 years in and 4 to go until retirement?”

Well, bottom line is…. I fucked up. I had everything going for me and was on the fast track. However, like you can read below, I made some bad choices after returning from Iraq. So, the AF decided they no longer needed me and started the separation paperwork 5 days before my 16 year mark. I met a separation board which is similar to court as it was the government against me. I even had a lawyer. My commander asked for a bad conduct discharge, but thankfully the “jury” took my whole record into account and I received a General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions. Which isn’t bad at all, except for the fact that I was separated for Misconduct, so I can’t join the Reserves. My Top Secret Clearance was also pulled.

When I left the Military, I was fortunate to have a part-time job at Lowe’s and was moved to a full-time position. However, going from making 70 grand a year to $10.83 an hour just didn’t cut it, so I started looking elsewhere. I quickly learned that I wished I had started back to college sooner as everything requires a bachelors with 3-5 years experience. I have also struggled with the adjustment to civilian life. I have found that civilians will bitch about anything and are only out for themselves. Team player isn’t even in most of their vocabularies. That led me to the trucking industry. I called all the major carriers and the only one hiring new drivers right now was Swift. They payed for all my training, and I am guaranteed a job with them which I start next week. The only person I will have to answer to is my Driver Manager, and I don’t even do that really. The only reason I will talk to him/her, is to find out where to pick up my next load. After that, it is all ME… From planning the trip, the stops, rest breaks, etc… It is ALL up to ME!!! Ahhhh I can’t wait.

Anyway, I digress…. Please provide me your feedback on weather or not you want to read the ramblings from my mind.

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